Nexus/McCain Fellows Course – SLC, UT May 1-2 2021

We recently completed our first post-Covid 19 TMJ arthroscopy training course in Salt lake City, UT on the Univeristy of Utah campus. It was exciting to be back in the cadaver lab working with the Nexus staff and interacting with the participants. Dr. Jose Montero, who took over from Dr. McCain when he was appointed to a faculty position at Harvard University, did a magnificent job teaching and educating the surgeons on this safe, minimally invasive and reproducible procedure. We appreciated Dr. Jamison Metcalf, DDS of St. George, UT and Dr. Aaron Figueroa, DDS of the Univeristy of Iowa attending our course.
We look forward to our next course which will be conducted in Salt Lake City, UT as well on August 28 – 29, 2021. Please visit for more in-depth information and etc. Thank you again for following Nexus CMF and we look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future.