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Nexus CMF is devoted to bringing innovation to the specialties of oral and cranio-maxillofacial surgery. Our model is to seek out and partner with key leaders within the specialty to help commercialize their best, novel diagnostic and treatment methods.

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McCain Arthroscopy System

One of the founding fathers of TMJ arthroscopy, Joseph P. McCain, DMD, FACS, has distilled a career's-worth of experience and wisdom into the design of a world-class arthroscope and instrumentation intended for TMJ arthroscopy. Contact us for more information, or look into our training opportunities.

McCain Arthroscopy System Tool
McCain Arthroscopy System Tray
Featured Partnership

Introducing a novel method of conducting patient-reported or patient-centered outcomes studies. Outcomes by Nexus enables researchers to administer validated questionnaires on patients' smart phones - thereby reducing the costs of in-office follow-up, while improving data quality and rates of loss-to-followup. Objective measures, such as maximal interincisal opening (MIO) or other range of motion metrics can also be collected.

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Featured Product


Anovium Solution Needle
Anovium Solution

Anovium Solution is an injectable amniotic fluid that is sterilized by a proprietary filtration method. An ideal adjunct for arthrocentesis, Anovium Solution may be considered for pain management due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, and anti-bacterial properties.

Featured Product
TMJ Prosthesis

Nexus CMF offers a total-joint replacement device as well as the only partial-joint reconstruction prosthesis approved by the FDA, both in a full range of patient-specific and stock implants.

TMJ Prosthesis Skull